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Touchscreen interface for seamless data transfer between the real and virtual worlds #DigInfo (by Diginfonews)


Flip Alarm Clock

We’ve all been there, trying to turn off the alarm clock in the middle of the early morning hours.  It is so hard to find that ridiculously small off button.  Before you know it everyone in the house is up.  The Flip Alarm Clock has solved this problem once and for all though with, quite simply, the simplest design ever.  If you can flip the clock over, you can turn it off (or on).


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Here’s a fun little cooking trick for you to try: scramble eggs inside its shell so that you can make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Meaning the entire egg will be perfectly golden all around.

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Somewhere in an alternate universe, the Earth 2 version of me is typing this article on a brand new Commodore Amiga sipping from a can of Crystal Pepsi when his Palm Pre 4 buzzes with a new CU-SeeMe video call.